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Innovating Cosmos

Innovating Cosmos is a global community of innovators and would-be innovators who meet on-line to innovate collaboratively.
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Innovating Boards

You’re a start-up entrepreneur. Or you’re a corporateur innovator within a large organization – business or non-business. Great! You need three things..
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Entrepreneurs and corporateurs are innovators

Some entrepreneurs start-up new businesses. Some entrepreneurs – called intrapreneurs or corporateurs – innovate within organisations. Neville, and his team, mentor both.
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Join Innovating Cosmos

Innovators of the world unite! Join Innovating Cosmos – a global community of innovators and would be innovators.

Innovating Cosmos exists… Because, globally, humankind faces a tsunami of ‘intractable’ problems, which smoulder, and grow in intensity, until we – as collaborating innovators – transform them.

Our job…To positively transform our cosmos – and make life better, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one nation at a time.”

Become a skilled innovator

You can access from here the Innovating Cosmos Podcasting Channel – where each week you hear innovators open up new opportunities, share how you might innovate, and answer every possible question about how you innovate better, faster, cheaper and with far better results.

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Innovating to survive and thrive

Zero fear

“The more we lose our fear of being wrong and failing, the more we innovate, learn and grow.”

Neville Christie

Chair, Strategic Innovation Boards

Zero fear

Zero base

“I gain great satisfaction from the fact that I started from zero, put the initial base together and built a business that employs thousands of people and has an annual turnover of $500 million.”

Jack Cowin

Canadian-Australian businessman who kick started KFC and Hungry Jack’s in Australia

Zero base

Youthful ideas

“Truly novel ideas emerge only in one’s youth. Later on one becomes more experienced, famous—and foolish.”

Albert Einstein

December 6, 1917, when he was 38

Youthful ideas

Young risk-takers

“When you’re young you are far more willing to take the risks you need to succeed.”

Steve Baxter

One of Australia’s must successful, and wealthy tech entrepreneurs, who at age 23 launched the internet service provider, SE Net

Young risk-takers

You’re wrong!

“When you're the first person whose beliefs are different from what everyone else believes, you're basically saying, "I'm right, and everyone else is wrong." That's a very unpleasant position to be in. It's at once exhilarating and, at the same time, an invitation to be attacked.”

Larry Ellison

Billionaire founder and CEO of the technology company Oracle

You’re wrong!

You’re so mean!

“We run a mean business until it provides meaning to us and others.”

Neville Christie

Australian corporateur and chair of corporate innovation arms

You’re so mean!

You’ll never know

“You never know with these things when you're trying something new what can happen. This is all experimental.”

Richard Branson

Serial entrepreneur, yet always a virgin

You’ll never know

You can!

"Don't let anyone say you can't do it."

John Ilhan

Founder and face of the Crazy John’s mobile retail chain

You can!

Talk, talk, talk +(61)420 978 932

Neville welcomes the chance to hear your story…


  • Kyle Probert, Managing Director

    Neville’s encouragement and words of wisdom have helped me build a strong strategic view of my business and implement processes to achieve the new strategies. I think that Neville’s skills, knowledge and experience would benefit any CEO/MD or business - regardless of the size or industry.
  • Catherine Moolenschot, youth worker, author and public speaker.

    Neville is the best mentor possible - dedicated to results, he makes the journey in getting there exuberant, exciting, and inspiring.
  • John Engelander, Managing Director

    You need him. It hasn’t been hard to value Neville’s input allowing me to explore ideas. Some ideas were implemented, whilst some ideas were just there to work them through and discount. I think everyone in business needs someone like Neville.
  • Daniel P. Stoof, Founder

    Over the last 2.5 years, Neville has helped me immensely throughout all stages of my business ventures - idea validation, business modelling, fund raising, strategy, marketing, negotiation, etc. Neville’s wisdom has prevailed to my great advantage.
  • Daniel Mumby, entrepreneur, marketer, CEO, Founder

    When my family was devastated by concurrent multiple tragedies of divorce, business failure, cancer, and a complete loss of hope and purpose, Neville was the singular shining beacon of hope and guidance.
  • Berlin Lu, entrepreneur, creative artist, Founder

    Neville has made a profound difference to my life. I am truly inspired by his love, generosity and wisdom. Living a life full of purpose and possibilities is what Neville has given me.
  • Hugh Stubley, Entrepreneur, mentor, business owner and investor, Executive Chairman

    Neville approaches business with a true heart. He has the ability to think outside the box and put his mindset and mine, into my customer’s shoes.
  • Rhett Holt, entrepreneur and innovator, Development Director

    Neville is a master of natural conversation that leads to personal development. He has helped me reach a new dimension as a professional; adding value to Evolve and me as a person.
  • Elphie Coyle, Entrepreneur and Avatar

    Neville passionately believes we all have unrealized entrepreneurial and creative talent ready to unleash.
  • Guy Vincent, CEO

    Neville has massive experience. He has lived, worked and travelled extensively. He thinks differently, IS really different. When you need it, Neville fires off a million solutions and keeps you running. Fast!
  • Michael Woods, Creative Director

    Though the digital industry moves at lightning speed, our personal development doesn't, though with Neville always available, I wake every day with a sense of confidence that comes with his lifetime of knowledge.
  • Debbie Smith, CEO

    Neville has the amazing ability to engage with people, clarify complex situations and find solutions with a focus on ethical business practices.
  • Daniel P. Stoof – Founder

    Neville has kept me on track during the low times, celebrated with me the highs and is constantly finding ways to help me grow. The only reluctance I have in giving Neville the stellar testimonial he rightly deserves is that it may make his time even more scarce.
  • Berlin Lu, entrepreneur, creative artist

    After working with Neville, my being a polymath who is an accomplished Singer, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Linguist can be a reality for me now. Neville's experience and knowledge is phenomenal. He will profoundly change your life. He has mine.
  • Daniel Mumby, entrepreneur, marketer, CEO, founder

    Over the last 14 months, Neville has been my guide, mentor, confidante, strongest critic, and staunchest ally. If you have but one chance to turn your dreams into reality, work with only the best. Because that's who Neville Christie is.
  • Dr Robert F Baird, Director

    In the environment game most things have been tried. The known is worn. The path is well trodden. Neville has been instrumental in forcing us to step back and look at what we do in a new light - a real game-changing experience.
  • Adrian Cropley, President

    Neville's skills, attitudes and experience means that companies of many sizes, styles, technologies and industries can strongly benefit from having Neville as chair of their company board or advisory board.
  • Conan Young, entrepreneurial mentor, Founder and CEO

    It’s not enough to have a sound plan and the motivation to get into the fray - you need to believe you can succeed. Neville makes damn sure that any action is backed by belief in yourself and your innate value.
  • Paul Wheelton OAM, philanthropist, Chairman and CEO

    It was a refreshing moment when Neville appeared out of the blue as a substitute leader in our CEO Syndicate. We were each challenged to look outside the square, and outside out comfort zone.
  • Graeme Boorer, CEO

    Neville Christie’s unique talent as a chairman is both to leverage the existing expertise of other Board members and to add his own.
  • John Engelander, Managing Director

    You need him. It hasn’t been hard to value Neville’s input allowing me to explore ideas. Some ideas were implemented, whilst some ideas were just there to work them through and discount. I think everyone in business needs someone like Neville.
  • Domenic Carosa, CEO

    Added value. In his twin roles as Mentor and Company Director-Chairman, Neville has consistently added value to me personally and also in the boardroom.
  • Elliot Epstein, CEO

    After 4 decades as a professional non-executive director and chairman, Neville Christie’s unparalleled insights, business acumen, and passion for developing people are more highly sought after than ever before.
  • Dr Louise Mahler

    Talk about breadth! Neville has seen it before, yet he knows the latest thinking. Together he knows what works, and has a thousand ways to get you implementing.
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