Innovation – the imperative for CEOs

How should business leaders view their own role in this urgent drive towards innovation? Andrew Hutchinson of Alchimie returns with a broad view as he asks CEOs to look beyond the board and shareholder level. We’re experiencing a paradigm shift, he says, and that’s bringing significant changes to the responsibilities of company CEOs. Andrew examines innovation and the role of a CEO in a bigger societal context.

Seven compelling reasons why you should innovate NOW!

A discussion about the future can’t be complete without the bright minds and technologically savvy members of the Millennial generation. This episode we hear from Conan Young, an innovation economist and founding member of Innovating Cosmos. Conan joins Innovating Cosmos founder, Neville Christie, to discuss the seven reasons why any organisation needs to innovate right now.

Making new ideas happen

Before diving into the new world of innovating and all the opportunities it presents, Neville Christie, founder of Innovating Cosmos, describes his own definition of innovation and why he sees a need for a community of innovators. Neville explores the role of large corporations, of governments and small businesses in making significant differences in the innovating space.

What’s all this hoo-ha about innovating?

With so much spoken and written these days about the need to innovate, what does it all mean exactly? What does an innovative business or organisation look like? And where does an organisation even start to get there? This first episode of Innovating Cosmos Peter Letts, Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore of BE Media Production explore the fundamental questions on innovating.