How to be an innovator ?

We find innovators in every field of human endeavor. Not just in business.

In the 2014 review of 35 innovators under 35, MIT Technology Review
describes five different types of innovators. Which one are you?

What’s your style of innovation?

• Inventors – build new technologies.
• Visionaries – show how new technologies can have new and better uses.
• Humanitarians – or social entrepreneurs, use technology to expand opportunities or inform public policy.
• Pioneers – do fundamental work that spawns future innovations to be taken up by tomorrow’s:
• Technical entrepreneurs – who create and build new tech businesses.

New brains

There are good reasons why these 35 individuals all under 35 – and millions like them – are innovating in so many different ways.

They all belong to the Digital Generation…So the neuroplasticity of their brains means they are digitally-wired.

Their brains are evolving in quite different ways from any humans before them.

And humankind is getting smarter! How come?

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